Rice Standards

In most of the cases Inspection are done under Sellers side. But for Grain Asia is a bit different. We offer Buyer’s Inspection Services which is a lot different than that of hired by the sellers. Even though we are selling the commodity by ourselves but we do ensure the Rice to be under properly inspected so that the end buyers are completely satisfied.  read more

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Grain Asia Inc.
Unit C (703), 7/F., Oriental Centre, 67-71 Chatham Road, Tsim ShaTsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +8529102147

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Grain Asia Inc.

Grain Asia Inc. has been established during 2008 with the motto to provide rice in every house with a reasonable price maintaining superior quality.

Our Main Products

Our major markets are in African and Middle countries that live on rice and grains. Based on the stiff competition, we have divided the rice consuming countries into different sectors. As for example most of the gulf counties like to consume old crop due to their tastes on fluffy and but not too sticky. But for some African counties they like new crop due for cooking congee.

Jasmine Rice Parboiled Rice
White Rice Long Grain White Rice


Besides we are also specialized in below items:

Agro Commodities like Sugar, Wheat, Beans, Barley etc.
Canned Foods, fruits and Vegetables
Steel And Scrap
Oils and Oil related Products