Grain Logistics & Packing

Grain Logistics & Packing

If we’re talking about containerized shipments, we are capable enough to load for 25 metric tons but depending on the destination or the shipping lines acceptance. Besides, we do advice everyone to load on 20’ containers due to the reasons that rice or grains are feasible only while they are loaded with 20’ containers due to the weight acceptances.

Besides Containerized shipments we are also capable enough to supply with Break-Bulk & Bulk shipments.

For Break-bulk or Bulk shipments, we do have to know the details whether the buyers are capable enough to handle the shipments at the port or whether the port is properly equipped or may be the draft of the water in that place.

But if the buyer is aware of all these information, then things get easier and besides, past experiences of the buyers do help in the transporting the cargo from one destination to another destination. But we’re not discouraging those who has no or few knowledge about logistics. We do have qualified logistics team to support the needs.



Basically rice is packed into 25 and 50 Kg bags. But due to custom requirements, we do offer buyers with various packing options like 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 45, 100 Kg, 1Mt packing. We do also provide the buyer’s with custom made printing bags facilities.

In a regular packing like 25, or 50 Kg bags, most of our buyers are ready to go with simply one or 2 color printing. But more added colors would automatically lead the buyers to cut a deal on expensive prices.