Other Products

Our main commodity is rice. Besides we are also specialized in below items:

icon Agro Commodities like Sugar, Wheat, Beans, Barley etc.
icon Canned Foods, fruits and Vegetables
icon Steel And Scrap
icon Oils and Oil related Products
icon Iron Ore
icon Fertilizers
icon Cashew Nuts
icon Chemicals

Our Main Products

Our major markets are in African and Middle countries that live on rice and grains. Based on the stiff competition, we have divided the rice consuming countries into different sectors. As for example most of the gulf counties like to consume old crop due to their tastes on fluffy and but not too sticky. But for some African counties they like new crop due for cooking congee.

We have differentiated the rice according to priority consumption patterns. Please find the descriptions given below:

White Rice / Long Grain White Rice
Thai White Rice is the long grain type. When cooked, it has a firm texture and gives a high volume of cooked rice. Because of its unique cooking characteristics, Thai White Rice has long grained its popularity and has been the world staple for many decades.
We export below categories of White rice

icon 100% Sorted and Polished
icon 5% Broken
icon 10% Broken
icon 15% Broken
icon 25% Broken
icon 100% Broken

Parboiled Rice
Un-milled rice is soaked, steamed and dried before milling to make parboiled rice. Nutrients stay within the grain, and surface starch is reduced, producing cooked rice that is somewhat more firm in texture and separate when cooked. It cooks perfectly in approximately 25 minutes.
We export below categories of parboiled rice

icon Thai parboiled rice 100% sorted
icon Thai parboiled rice 5% sorted
icon Thai parboiled rice 10% sorted 

Jasmine Rice
It has a natural aromatic flavor with a small content of chalky kernel. After cooked, it becomes more fragrant, tender and tasty.
Production: The best quality jasmine rice comes from the northeast of Thailand where its soil and environment is the most suitable. The main harvest season is from September to December.

Jasmine Rice Types available:

icon 100% Sorted
icon Mixed Jasmine Rice
icon A1 super Broken Rice
icon A1 Extra Super Broken Rice