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Grain Asia Inc.

Grain Asia Inc. has been established during 2008 with the motto to provide rice in every house with a reasonable price maintaining superior quality.

Due to severe competition in the world market most of the sellers, traders or the buyers completely forget about the quality that the final consumer or the end buyer receives. As because in most cases of grain trade the buyer is neither the actual consumer nor the actual consumer is the direct buyer. So, ultimately in the grain trade process whenever the end buyer or the consumer receives the rice or grains they sometime feel dissatisfied.

With our qualified professionals and sincere work policy we do always think of the consumers even though we do have to face cutthroat competition

Rice Standards & Inspection Services

In most of the cases Inspection are done under Sellers side. But for Grain Asia is a bit different. We offer Buyer’s Inspection Services which is a lot different than that of hired by the sellers. Even though we are selling the commodity by ourselves but we do ensure the Rice to be under properly inspected so that the end buyers are completely satisfied.

Inspection Services:

* Ensure the grain is not water damaged, contaminated or heated
* Observation of loss due to demurrage or dead-freight.
* Replacement of all packaging damaged during loading.
* Checking seal quality of all repackaging damaged before reloading.
* Ensure all holds are clean, dry, odorless and fit for loading.
* Ensure the commodities are fully discharged on board.

Depending on the needs, we have divided our Inspection services into 5 parts :

    1. General Inspection

    icon Check the documentation details like Shipper, Commodities, Specification, Weight, Packing, Mark, Quantity, Vessel’s Name, Destination, Inspection date, etc.
    icon The Tare weight, gross weight and the net weight of the package
    icon Visual checking of the worms, insects and foreign matters
    icon Rice Quality checking matching with the Thai Rice Export Standard and also with the buyer’s requirement
    icon Take digital photos while ongoing inspection.


2. Rice Weighing Inspection:

    icon The weighing scale is properly checked prior to packing with standardized weights
    icon Tare weight of empty bags is checked (Min. of 500 empty bags)
    icon Random checking of gross weight is performed during the total loading process
    icon Uniform weight is reported


3. Rice loading Inspection:

      icon Checking the weight scale properly
      icon Before loading into lighter/ container/ break-bulk or even bulk vessels the inspector checks the condition of the lighter, including cleanliness, previous cargo, type of floor, overlaid with dunnage and suitable for fumigation
      icon In case of stuffing into container, the empty container is checked for cleanliness, dry, free of odor, free of Infestation, watertight, etc.
      icon The quality of rice product is checked during loading like finding actual facts of the rice shipment with the physical analysis report.


    4. Sampling of rice cargo loading:

    icon Checking the weight scale properly
    icon Pre-Loading Samples are taken, packed and sealed before loading
    icon Loading Samples are taken
    icon Reference samples are taken
    icon Lab Analysis samples are taken for physical and chemical analysis in the laboratory
    icon Composite Sample mixing is taken for all samples of each day or period of loading


5. Rice Testing

    icon For rice testing, we do cooperate with the governmental and private bodies who does the job properly by taking the samples and get them properly though lab testing to ensure the quality prior to the shipment.


Besides Rice, we do have inspection services for Sugar, Coffee Beans, Pulse, Maize, Sesame, Tapioca Flour, canned food products and all types of commodities and stuffs.